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Surmullets on the endangered list!

Surmullets on the endangered list! The surmullet is a saltwater fish found in coastal waters from Massachusetts to northern Venezuela, and also in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a slender, streamlined fish with a small mouth and a forked tail. The male surmullet is easily recognized by its distinctive black lateral band and bright red spot on the gill cover. The IUCN has listed the surmullet as being "vulnerable" to extinction due to overfishing. Commercial trawlers target this fish for its flesh, which is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. As a result, the population of surmullets has been decimated in recent years, and they are now considered an endangered species. There are some efforts underway to protect this fish, including regulations that prohibit trawling in certain areas where they are known to congregate. There is also a campaign to promote consumption of sustainably-fished surmullet, in an effort to reduce demand for wild-caught fish. If you enjo

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